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Established in nineties of last century, the company always adheres to people-oriented idea and strive to create an excellent working environment for its employee so as to bring each one’s ability into full play. It develops and markets DCS, PLC and computer data collection and control system. It possesses rich experience in control system integration. It has created hundreds of successful cases at home and abroad in these years. It has become a system integrator for 3C and Siemens which are internationally-known enterprises. In self-service instrument field, as an agent in China, it markets, in China, various self-service instruments such as level sensing device for both liquid and particulate matter. At present, it has become an exclusive agency for marketing self-service instrument made by MCG, INSTRUM and QUALION in China.

From the beginning, it has been committed to popularization and application of liquid level measurement instrument. Basing on foreign advanced technology and through ceaseless development and trail, it has developed a series of level measurement and control instrument which are ideal for use in petrochemical industry for tank farm level measurement. These instruments include integrated steel belt liquid level meter, liquid level temperature transmitter, liquid level monitor and field bus converter. They have been successfully used in large scale combination unit in Yanshan Petrochemical Corporation and Qilu Petrochemical Corporation. Thereafter, this company keeps close eye on up to date development in level measurement field. Through continuous improvement on product and service, it can provide customer with integrated solution on level measurement and control. From 21st century on, with company’s continuous development, the business of the company is more and more focused on providing customer with system solution according to field practical situation. It successively carried out and finished a few DCS, SIS and PLC industry control system integration project. Besides providing customer with solution on industry control system, it also developed and implemented a few automobile and train ration loading control system up to the present day. It also developed and implemented a few industry TV monitoring system, vehicle access management system and tank farm automatic management system.

Looking back at history of company’s development, we feel that the achievement achieved by us have something to do with the support and help from various circle of society and the effort made by our employee. The approval by our customer in petroleum and chemical industry is the motivity of our progress. We wish to progress together with our customers.