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  • Series:Honeywell Smart Radar Liquid Level Meter
    Name:SmartRadar FlexLine Series

    Overview: Honeywell Enraf up-to-date SmartRadar FlexLine series smart radar level meter establish new standard for accuracy and flexibility in tank level measurement. Honeywell Smart Radar Level Meter Smart Radar Level Meter SmartRadar Flex...

  • Series:K-TEK magnetostrictiontype liquid level meter
    Name:KYCMF series

    It is new generation of level measurement product with high accuracy. it utilizes magnetostriction technology and use impulsator to produce waveguide pulse. After being transformed in electronic section, the waveguide pulse is turned into c...

  • Series:Magnetic coupling level indicator K-TEK
    Name:KM26 series

    The position of floater inside non-magnetic connection tube shall synchronous change with liquid level inside the tanker. A magnetic smart float or shutter is installed inside the indicator that is attached to the external surface of the co...

  • Series:K-TEK magnetostriction liquid level meter
    Name:AT series

    This type of measurement instrument, which is developed by K-TEK Company and in it magnetostriction technology is applied, is ideal for the measurement of liquid level, interface position and temperature under most harsh conditions. Magneto...

  • Series:FLOWLINE series two-wire system supersonic level meter

    It utilizes echo return time to calculate level value, apply Echo-MAPTMA technology to eliminate wrong echo signal, so measurement accuracy can be guaranteed. It boasts the function of automatic protection in case of failure which will prev...